Water Filter Systems

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

This is the ultimate system for those that desire the cleanest water for cooking and drinking, removing up to 98% of all contaminants and 99% of all bacteria.

£590.00 includes supply and installation (inside England, Scotland and Wales) Contact us if you wish to purchase the system only.

£350.00 supply only, plus £30 shipping.

Note that some locations will be visited by the team less frequently, and as a result, installation may be delayed slightly.

Simple systems are fine for improving taste and smell, but they cannot remove many of the impurities found in our water. This system can remove up to 98% of all contaminants and 99% of bacteria.

The drinking water has a spring fresh aroma and taste, improving the taste of hot/cold drinks, soup and vegetables.
Quick and simple filter changes – we will let you know when they are due to be changed.

Removes scale and hardness from water, and costs less than 2p per litre.

In addition to the above, the reverse osmosis process also removes oestrogen and Prozac, which can be found in the drinking water of some large cities.

These systems are widely used and recommended by Nutrional Therapists in line with the treatment of allergies and sensitivities.

A range of filters that can be supplied with system available, contact us to discuss in more detail what is best suited to your needs.

To customise your system to suit your needs, the installation is flexible and can be fitted either under the sink, or spread across a number of cupboards.  Also, we offer a range of taps that include various finishes, as well as a three way tap option.